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Hunter Pace/ Timed Trail Rides
May 10, 2014

Sending out teams from 9am - 12:30pm
We prefer faster teams go early.

Hunter Pace 101

The idea of the Hunter Pace is to go out on the set course (following the signs), and hit the designated 'pace' (for you division).

The riders will check in and get their numbers and course maps.  They'll begin at the start point, traveling all around the course (following the signs that are their division color).  There will be volunteers around the course should there be any problems. Riders are allowed to carry a phone for safety purposes, however watches or GPS units are not allowed.   The course should be about 1.5 to 2 hours long.  Teams will go around the trails, through the XC course, etc...  They'll cross the finish line and the time will be recorded.  The team closest to the 'optimum' time will win.  

Please download the entry form or enter online to take advantage of the early entry discount!  

Mark your Calendars!!!

Five County Stables
Hunter Pace
May 10, 2014

Past events

November 11th - Hunter Pace
1st: April Jones and Family and Chloe Mattern
2nd: Janice Genova, Joan Flemming
3rd: Amy Dean, Darcy Dean
4th (tie) Hanson’s, Catherine Zimmer, Anna Roberson, Carl Collins, Kim Collins

Short Ramble
1st: Rebekah Todaro, Lauren Zovodanick
2nd: Laurie Wood, Laurie Hamilton
3rd: Laura Miller, Julia Sadler, Ann Cooper
4th: Nancy Hunter, Jillian Becker
5th: Jane Kushy, Kathy Horky
6th: Jennifer Batts, Morgan Hodge, Emily Dressler

Long Ramble
1st: Amber Hott, Julie Andrews
2nd: Taylor Orr, Kerri
3rd: David Knight and Family
4th: Brenda Satterwhite, Ida Cranz
5th: Beth and Jamie Sanne
6th:Makalia, Tricia Hooten, Shelley

Short Jaunt:
1st: Maynard Team

Long Jaunt:
1st: Shelley Peele, Kathy Gastineau
2nd Justine Moore and Rachel Galambos

** We have some great prizes lined up this year provided by wonderful sponsors. 
-Royal Champion Supplements
-Hoof Wraps
--More to come! 

We need volunteers!!! 
Please contact Cassidy Sitton (cassidy.sitton@gmail.com) for information.

Cross Country Schooling
The course is open for schooling.
Call ahead.

Cross Country Lessons
$70/horse (Private)
$60/horse (small group)
Email cassidy.sitton@gmail.com to schedule


Cassidy Sitton,
May 5, 2014, 7:59 AM